The artisans from Buffalo Architectural Casting are extremely talented and able to replicate sculptures from photographs, original drawings, or existing pieces. The process begins by building the piece out of clay, then forming a rubber mold, into which plaster is poured. This plaster piece can be made to replicate many textures and colors and can be made in either interior or exterior materials.  



In 2003 Buffalo Architectural Casting, Inc. was involved in the restoration of the historic Shea's Theater in Buffalo, New York.  Over the years the original Terra Cotta pediment structurally failed and was removed in the early 1900's.  Buffalo Architectural Casting used photographs of the original building to sculpt a replica of the pediment.  Molds were made and the new pediment was cast from GFRC and installed on the building. Since then, Buffalo Architectural Casting has continued to restore interior elements at Shea’s Performing Arts Center.


Strand Theatre

Prior to its restoration, the Strand Theatre in Clinton County, New York was in disrepair and unable to serve as a venue for events. Buffalo Architectural Casting served as the main contractor on site, repairing all plaster elements, supervising painting and applying extensive silver leaf.  The theatre was restored while staying true to its original 1924 elements.  


Lafayette Hotel  

The Lafayette Hotel is a seven-story concrete building constructed between 1902 and 1926 in a French Renaissance style. In 2012, the Hotel underwent major renovations to restore its historic features. Buffalo Architectural Casting played a key role in the project, restoring and replicating exterior terracotta and interior plaster ornamentation.




Restoration Projects


BAC sculpted a replica of the pediment which adorns the front of the building.
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Lafayette Hotel

BAC restored and replicated exterior terracotta of the iconic hotel.
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